Trondheim - Norway 201703-02-2017 - 11-02-2017

Tesla P85D Ludicrous LIVE information

This information is being send from the TeamTesla P85DL every minute.

  • Charging Cable: Disconnected
  • Time to Full Charge: 0 Minutes
  • Last Charge KM Added: 117 Km
  • BatteryLevel: 73%
  • Estimated Range: 213KM
  • Ideal Range: 278KM
  • Rated Range: 311KM
  • Outside Temperature: -17°C
  • Inside Temperature: 21°C
  • Speed: 113KM/u
  • Total Distance Driven: 37489 KM
  • Trip Distance Driven: 2154 KM
  • Trip Charging stops: 7458 KW
  • Trip Power Charged: 145KW

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Trondheim - Norway 201703-02-2017 - 11-02-2017

Our Trip

Nederland (Rotterdam)
Duitsland (Hamburg)
Denemarken (Kopenhagen)
Zweden (Stockholm)
Zweden (Sundevall)
Noorwegen (Trondheim)
Noorwegen (Oslo)


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